We care for catering

Let's make your meeting an experience

We always strive to set new standards for the gastronomy we deliver to our guests at Bella Sky Conference & Event.
We produce seasonal cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. Meals are provided in a casual setting, either in one of our permanent restaurants or in a room or location of your choice.

Restaurant BASALT

Restaurant BASALT is our a la carte restaurant on the 1st floor of AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, where the local Nordic cuisine and open fire are the main themes. BASALT is a tale about fire and mankind, where the food is created with respect for the fire, raw materials and nature.

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SUKAIBA Copenhagen

SUKAIBA Copenhagen is situated 76 metres above Copenhagen on the 23rd floor. SUKAIBA is much more than a restaurant, and has the city's most impressive view, and a fantastic international atmosphere. SUKAIBA is an experience of memorable meals created by a declaration of love for all things Asian. We look forward to welcoming you at SUKAIBA, a bit further out, a bit higher up.

  • Read more about SUKAIBA here

Restaurant BM

Located at AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, you will find our large restaurant BM, which is used for breakfast, lunch and larger parties.

The Treehouse

The Treehouse is one of our permanent restaurants, which can be used by larger companies or in connection with events. The Treehouse is located above the Bella Center's central hall, with a view of all the large trees. The interior is characterised by light and modern materials, with plant walls to create a cozy atmosphere that can be adapted to any desire.

Pop up, food truck or an entire hall?

Everything is possible, so let us know what you would like. Is it, for example, a food truck or food baskets for a forest trip? Is it a big party with lots of space? Only the imagination sets limits to what is possible.